Enrollment Information

Please call for your free informational appointment and tour of our facility. Before your appointment, please print and fill out our Intake Packet. Be sure to bring the Completed Intake Packet, Insurance Card and Diagnosis Paperwork to your appointment. Contact the Case Coordinator at Info@myplaydate.org or (719) 465-3989 with questions. Download our Intake Packet here! If you’re interested in applying for the Anderson Scholarship Fund, download the application here!

Our Intervention

Services may be provided directly by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA), or implementers who are trained and supervised by a BCBA.

The implementers we employ are trained at several different levels of practice, including respite and implementation. Our implementers have completed at least 40 hours of classroom training in ABA/autism and receive on-going supervision/training. All staff members complete a training program with experienced therapists prior to providing any services either at the Center or in the home. When implementers provide direct services to a client, a BCBA acts as the consultant by developing programs, monitoring progress, and making necessary changes to the program. All staff members, including BCaBAs, are supervised by a BCBA. This supervision includes meeting weekly with the staff to review the client’s program. Implementers may be rotated in or out of a schedule for various reasons, including attempts to increase generalizations. Since every implementer may not be a “match” for every family, the BCBA working with your child will strive to achieve the best match between each child, family, and staff

Program Development

Program Development time is used to effectively build appropriate client intervention plans and skill-building programs that is specific to each client. Since we do not utilize a cookie cutter approach, developing and maintaining each child’s individual program requires time from various staff members. This ensures consistency of service provision among staff and parents. This time is also used to evaluate the effectiveness of the daily intervention, identify any needed modifications for future sessions, and meet with staff about the client.

Description of Services

All services are provided by trained staff using research-based methods proven to be most effective for children with disabilities. Teaching methods used to deliver services are based on the principles of applied behavior analysis, proven effective in scientific evaluation. Services are data-based to achieve the greatest effectiveness. Data are evaluated regularly to make any instructional changes necessary to ensure each learner is making progress. Our Center offers a variety of environments for children including individual therapy rooms, arts and crafts areas, sensory gym, kitchen and laundry facilities.

Individual ABA Therapy

Center, Home, Community
Qualified ABA implementers, BCaBAs , and BCBAs that work 1:1 with children with a range of disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome and many more. Our implementers can assist in developing skills across all development domains such as:
• managing physical and verbal aggression
• language
• personal hygiene
• academic skills
We work with individuals birth-18 years of age. For older students, a 1:1 program may also include life skills counseling (behavioral management, job skills, and educational goals).

Social Skills ABA Therapy: Center, Community
Social skills groups are held at our Center year round. Children are matched by age and developmental level. These groups provide the social opportunities not available in a 1:1 setting that are required to develop necessary social skills such as:
• sharing
• turn taking
• waiting in line
• appropriate conversation initiations and responses
Children participating in these groups also have the opportunity to attend community outings in order to practice the skills in a natural environment. These outings may include mini golf, museums, zoos, and sports activities.

ESY (Extend School Year)

This program provides 20 hours of intervention per week for 8 weeks during the summer for students needing structured teaching when school is out. Intensive therapy is provided in both 1:1 and group settings. Individual goals are developed for each student in order to address needs across all developmental domains, including language, behavior, and social skills. Current IEP goals can also be used. In addition to receiving therapy at the Center and in-home, parents and students participate in community outings to ensure generalization of skills.

Teen Group

High-functioning teens 12 – 18 years old meet several times per month for outings such as movies, bowling, roller skating, mini-golf, hiking, and indoor rock climbing, as well as vocational training and social skills. This group provides the social opportunities for teens to become comfortable in group settings and develop friendships. It also allows them to learn age appropriate life skills such as cooking simple meals, doing their laundry and managing money.

Respite Care

Respite can be provided in the home or in the community by appointment or on a regular schedule. A trained behavioral implementer will assist your child(ren) while you take care of errands or just have a day out. Our staff can also assist with activities such as attending church events, going to the doctor, and participating in community events such as festivals. On-site respite is provided at our behavioral center either by appointment or during scheduled respite sessions. Meals and/or snacks are provided.

Family Support Services

Families find support and encouragement in the Support Group that meets regularly. This group shares the experiences of raising a child with a disability. Respite service is available during meetings. Participation is free. Parent training is provided during therapy and respite. Parents are also welcome to schedule an appointment to receive advice and guidance regarding their child.
School Consult/Professional Training/Educational Placement
This program aims to provide training and professional development to teachers, SLPs, OTs, para-professionals, and administrators regarding children with disabilities. Topics often include, but are not limited to:
• Managing aggression
• Increasing communication
• Errorless learning
• Prompting and fading
Our professional team is available for group trainings on a variety of topics as well as consults for specific students that may be struggling in the classroom environment. We work with schools to develop effective programs to meet the needs of their unique student population. We believe the school setting with access to peers is the best placement for children. However, when an alternative placement is deemed necessary and appropriate, our Center and professional team offers the perfect learning environment for students who need to meet specific goals before returning to the school setting. An individual program is developed for each student based on IEP and assessment goals with access to a variety of highly trained staff. Half-day and full-day programs available with transportation and lunch/snacks included.
All activities can accommodate individuals with/using:
• AAC devices
• sign language
• picture communication
• food allergies and special diets, including GFCF
• physical limitations (except hiking, alternate activity will be scheduled)
• G-tubes or feeding aversions
• aggressive behaviors
• seizures
• medication needs

Students do not need to be potty-trained to participate.