Funding Sources

A diagnosis is not required to receive services, however, it is typically required when services are paid for by insurance.  PlayDate Behavioral Interventions currently provides services to all children up to 18 years of age.

Once clients turn 18, we work with the family and school to develop an appropriate transition plan into the adult world.


Insurances We Accept:

We accept reimbursement from a variety of sources,  including but not limited to the following:

We have contracts in process with several other insurance companies and are willing to apply to become a provider for any client’s insurance company.  We submit all billing directly to the insurance company and complete all required paperwork.

Andersen Scholarship Program

PlayDate Behavioral Interventions also has a scholarship program for clients who have exhausted all other funding mechanisms. The Andersen Scholarship Fund is named in memory of Leslie Andersen, the grandfather of Christina Nulk.  Mr. Andersen worked enthusiastically to provide services to children with disabilities during his lifetime and funds from his estate established this program. The program is supported by private donations, corporate donations, and various fundraisers.

The scholarship fund is designed to provide financial assistance to families with children in need of services. If you do not have insurance coverage for your child, you may apply for a scholarship to cover the majority of the cost of their therapy. If your funding source does not provide sufficient funding to meet your service needs, you may apply for a scholarship to cover additional services.

Pro Bono and Co-Pay Assistance

Often insurance reimbursement requires a very high co-pay, in some cases more than half of the cost of service. Co-pay assistance is available in this situation. PlayDate Behavioral Interventions strives to ensure every family receives the service they need. If you require financial assistance for services, contact us to discuss your options.