Enrollment Information

Please call for your free informational appointment and tour of our facility. Before your appointment, please print and fill out our Intake Packet. Be sure to bring the Completed Intake Packet, Insurance Card and Diagnosis Paperwork to your appointment. Contact us at Info@myplaydate.org or (719) 465-3989 with questions. Download our Intake Packet here! If you’re interested in applying for the Anderson Scholarship Fund, download the application here!

Our Intervention

Services may be provided directly by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA), or therapist who are trained and supervised by a BCBA.

The therapist we employ are trained at several different levels of practice. Therapist complete at least 40 hours of classroom training in ABA/autism and receive on-going supervision/training. All staff members complete a training program with experienced therapists prior to providing any services either at the Center or in the home. When therapist provide direct services to a client, a BCBA acts as the consultant by developing programs, monitoring progress, and making necessary changes to the program. All staff members, including BCaBAs, are supervised by a BCBA. This supervision includes meeting weekly with the staff to review the client’s program. Therapist may be rotated in or out of a schedule for various reasons, including attempts to increase generalizations. Since every therapist may not be a “match” for every family, the BCBA working with your child will strive to achieve the best match between each child, family, and staff member.

Program Development

Program Development time is used to effectively build appropriate client intervention plans and skill-building programs that is specific to each client. Since we do not utilize a cookie cutter approach, developing and maintaining each child’s individual program requires time from various staff members. This ensures consistency of service provision among staff and parents. This time is also used to evaluate the effectiveness of the daily intervention, identify any needed modifications for future sessions, and meet with staff about the client.